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The Teach Shirt Club

As teachers, we put our hearts and souls into making sure that our students thrive, not only academically, but also in life.  Though we continue to take whatever is thrown at us by administration, political forces, and society in general, we still show up for our kids.  We show up and we take it because our kids need us.  That's not only what we do; it's who we are.  We are in it for the kids, and our every action and reaction supports that dedication.

This is why we created The Teach Shirt Club, a monthly tee shirt subscription. But it's not about just the tees.  No, no. It's about so much more...

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple, yet impactful:  to promote self-actualization in teachers and school staff to the extent that they begin to believe in their true power.

What does this mean, exactly?

Put quite simply, we don't believe in ourselves.  Work/life balance stress, the ever-changing state of education, the extreme weight of the burdens that are sometimes placed on us to do more, perform better, somehow BE more...all of these combine with so much more to cover us in a thick blanket of self-doubt.  With The Teach Shirt Club, we are determined to help you find yourself - the beauty that is YOU underneath that blanket of ridiculousness. 

Because guess what? 

You ARE amazing. 

You ARE magical

You ARE powerful

You ARE beautiful

You ARE worthy.

It's time for us to learn how to love ourselves again, and we are here to help you do just that.

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What is included?

In your first box, you will receive a FREE GIFT!  This is a custom-designed frame that we created for you to display your monthly inspirational print (included).  

In every box, you will receive:

  • a new tee designed exclusively for club members (you won't find these designs anywhere else!)

  • matching earrings

  • an inspirational print designed to pour positivity into your soul

  • a bonus item, which can include any of the following:

    • magnet 

    • lanyard 

    • bracelet 

    • specialty lotions, nail polish, or other self-care items

    • mini desk signs,

    • anything else we can dream up to help you take care of you!

  • a special theme each month, which will serve to help you focus on your strengths, and which all items will follow​

  • "newsletter" or letter from us, written to build you up and help reveal all of your amazing qualities!

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