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How to get started: Both in-person and online parties:

To reserve your spot on our booking calendar, you must first go to our Book Online tab. 

  1. Choose from our available events and click on "Book Now".

  2. Select a date and time you wish to hold your event.

  3. Review your booking.

    1. This includes the option you chose, the time allotted for your event, the per guest pricing, and your date and time.

  4. Click "Next" after verifying the information is correct.​

  5. Enter your name, email, phone number, and any questions or comments you might have.

  6. Click "Book It".

You will receive an automated email letting you know that we have received your booking request.

What's next? (zoom or pre-recorded instruction

We have received your booking request, and we will create an event for you. If your signs are chosen specifically on the booking, we will create your event with those sign options.  If you choose a "Design of Your Choice" option, we will email you to find out which signs or kits you would like to offer your guests. It is on this page that your guests will register and choose their design, where applicable.  (Some parties are for one design only). 


For independent parties, which are parties where the guests receive and paint their kits on their own independent of an actual hosted event, complete kits are mailed straight to the guest upon receipt of payment. 

For hosted events, you have two options:  

1. The entire party will be shipped to you (you will submit payment for all of your guests in one transaction), OR

2. Each guest will receive their kit after payment is received and will be responsible for bringing to your event.

For painting instruction, we offer these options:

1. Host a Zoom event!  Your guests can gather together, or stay home, and connect to us on a live Zoom party (or Google Meet, which we love - it's up to you!)

2. We will send you a pre-recorded video instructing how to paint each of the sign styles you have chosen for your event.  For example, if you have stenciled signs as well as 3-D signs, we will include video instruction for both.

In addition, we include an instruction sheet with all of our orders!  

Once we create your event, we will notify you.  You may create an event page on Facebook and add the link for guests to register.  Please tag our Facebook page in your event so that we can give away "door prizes".  Who doesn't love free stuff???  If you choose not to create an event page on Facebook, you may simply direct guests to this site.  This can be shared any way you choose (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Text, Email, etc). A link will be provided to you.

party day: in-person instruction 

On the day of the event, we bring everything to your location.  We will:

  • Arrive AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to your start time

  • Have all signs completely ready for painting

    • This includes background color applied and dried​

  • Have custom stencils ready for you and all of your guests​

  • Bring all paints and supplies you and your guests will need

  • Do a live demonstration of how to apply stencil and best ways to apply paint

  • Assist you and your guests throughout the process

  • Clean up afterward

You will:

  • Host the spot!  This could be your home, your church, a community center, etc.  We will come to you wherever you can find the space!

    • Make sure you have enough space for your guests to spread out a bit (room to paint)​

  • Collect money from guests upon arrival to your event.  This saves a lot of time and will help your event to begin on time without hassle.  You can write us a check for the total number of guests, or pay with cash.  (Guests may also pay us with credit or debit if needed).

  • Receive your sign free with 10 paying guests!

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