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Featured Guest designers

Angie Dave.jpg

Angie & Dave Rhorer

She's a nurse with a passion for helping others. He's a dedicated leader in the auto industry. Married for 35 years, they share two beautiful children and four (soon to be five) precious grandchildren.

But those aren't the qualities that make them perfect as the first in our "Guest Designers" series.  It is their passion for their craft; the ability to find and create beautiful pieces that add warmth, creativity, and charm to any home.

We are most impressed by their commitment to quality.  If you purchase anything made by their hands, you are guaranteed top-quality work, right down to the very last detail.

HOME Angie.jpg

We are in LOVE with the first item in this series!  These letters are cut by hand, sanded to perfection, then painted and sealed with a smooth finish.  The "O" in home is replaced by a boxwood wreath.  This is an absolutely stunning statement piece!

Click here to order at a special discounted price of $59.95!  

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