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Here at Elliot Carter Designs, we love to celebrate YOU, our customers, by combining our love for home decor with our desire to give back.  We offer several fundraising options to help you raise money for your sport or cause that is dear to your heart.  We can help you raise money for programs/causes such as:

  • Sports Teams 

  • Your favorite charity

  • Personal Causes (such as raising money for an unexpected life event)

After our costs, your fundraising earnings will equal out to right around 50% of profits!  (We pay for someone to cut/sand/stain/paint boards, we design and weed your custom stencils, provide all of the paints and supplies for your guests to paint their signs at the event, and we remain on-site to help your guests paint their signs to perfection).

For simplicity's sake, we offer signs and other options at the $40 price point (price each guest will pay), and your event will earn $10 for each one.  So for every 10 guests at your event, your organization will receive $100 back!  Plus, each guest will get to take home a beautiful home decor sign!

There are several options to choose from:

Package 1:  16x24 Framed 

Package 2: 5' Porch Sign 

Package 3: 18" Round Sign (1" thick)

Package 4: 16x24 Shiplap Effect

Additionally, your guests can choose from any design in our online catalog!

The average turnout for these events is around 40 people, so an average fundraiser brings in $400 for your organization.  Of course, the potential is up to you!  Contact us today to reserve your date!

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