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We are small town, we are big city.  We are quiet and reserved, we are loud and crazy.  We are makeup and perfect hair, and we are dressed for Wal-Mart.  We are compassionate, and we are sarcastic.  We are hilarious, and we are dry.  We are sports fans and music fans and animal lovers and race fanatics.  We are opinionated and we are considerate.  We are forgiving, and we hold grudges.  

We get mad, we get real, but we love.  Most of all, we love.  We are a blended family.

We started this journey as a family who enjoys spending time together.  From start to finish, our work is perfected by our hands.  We want to make sure you have a quality piece that you are proud to display in your homes.  

You might also wonder about our name.  Elliot Carter is the newest addition to our perfectly blended family.  She is the first and only grand baby.  She is sweet and kind and happy and precious and at only a year old, she already has her hand in parts of the creative process.  It's only fitting to hand her the page.   

Our mission?  To create one-of-a-kind home decor pieces that highlight and showcase who you are, who your family is, and what makes your heart as happy as Elliot Carter makes ours.

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