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hello & welcome

We are so honored that you decided to stop by.  We are a small, home-based company built on quality and a unique commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our top priority has always been you; if you say "Wrap me in a blanket and bring me some coffee and the latest mystery novel", we're headed to Marshall's (because, you know, their cozy blanket prices are where it's at).

And even if we didn't want to help you get cozy, we're pretty sure the boss, Elliot Carter, would make us.  She's two, and she's definitely a blanket baby.  She'd probably make sure you had an "Ooh ooh aah aah" too, because those monkeys are just CUTE.

Our point?  Ask us anything.  We'll do our absolute best to make your visions a reality.  Mostly home decor and craft boxes, but well, you know...

Welcome, welcome.  We're so happy you're here.

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